About Us

“Mindfulness-Body believes that spiritual practices such as mediation, yoga, eastern medicine, and visualization can be the answer to the root of our overwhelming daily life.”

Our Impact

Giving Back One By One

As part of our purpose, we strive to give back to the world as mother nature needs all the help she can get. We focus on meals for children as they are the future of our generation.


Children fed

More well-fed children worldwide and growing

Est. 2018

Our Story

Mindfulness-Body was founded in 2018 by Marcus Le, to connect us through beautiful, purposeful handmade products featuring spiritual growth and harmony.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, Mindfulness-Body maintains a universal perspective. Every Mindfulness-Body piece is designed to bring positive energy intended for your home and to surround you with strong intentions for manifestation wherever you go.

Mindfulness-Body is a lifestyle inspired by historical traditions with the ability to awaken greater awareness and purpose each and every day. Our hand made items are made with intentions to bring you happiness, health and prosperity to help manifest your dreams.

Core Values

When creating, we base it around our core beliefs so we can provide you with the purest items.

Eternal Blessings

Sustain your energy through strong intentions.

Spiritual Awakening

Lift others as you grow.

Gratitude And Purpose

Mindfulness-Body encourages people to live spiritually fulfilled lives.