Our Mission

The Company

Mindfulness-Body was founded in 2018 by Marcus Le, to connect us through beautiful, purposeful handmade products featuring spiritual growth and harmony.

Whilst working and studying, I realized a deeper purpose that had to be fulfilled even though I did fully not understand it, I went after it. With this curiosity, I went to seek knowledge, meditations and had visions of my purpose.

After many years Mindfulness-Body has grown into a company that can give back to its community and creates unique pieces to give us a deeper connection.

Our Mission

Mindfulness-Body sets out to spread awareness and positive energy around the globe to help you manifest and connect to the universe. As part of this, we donate 9 meals for every purchase made to help. We also curate unique products designed to connect you to deeper energy fields and earth.

Our Vision

Mindfulness-Body’s vision is to create unique items, which holds high vibrations, positive energy ready to use for manifestations and blessings. We are part of the great awakening and will lift others as we grow.