Four Noble Truths


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The Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of Buddha’s teachings. They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering.

Learn your truth which lies within.




First Noble Truth

Human beings are subjected to desires and cravings, but even when we are able to satisfy these desires, the satisfaction is only temporary. Please does not last, or if it does, it becomes monotonous.

Even when we are not suffering from outward causes like illness or bereavement, we are unfulfilled, unsatisfied. This is the truth of suffering.


Second Noble Truth

Our day-to-day troubles may seem to have easily identifiable causes: thirst, pain from an injury, sadness from the loss of a loved one. In the second of his Noble Truths, though, the Buddha claimed to have found the cause of all suffering – and it is much more deeply rooted than our immediate worries.

The Buddha taught that the root of all suffering is desire. 


Third Noble Truth

The Buddha taught that the way to extinguish desire, which causes suffering, is to liberate oneself from attachment.

This is the third Noble Truth – the possibility of liberation.


Fourth Noble Truth

The final Noble Truth is the Buddha’s prescription for the end of suffering. This is a set of principles called the Eightfold Path.

The Eightfold Path is also called the Middle Way: it avoids both indulgence and severe asceticism, neither of which the Buddha had found helpful in his search for enlightenment.


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20 reviews for Four Noble Truths

  1. Susan Bais

    I received these as a gift and I love them!!! Such great energy!

  2. Tamara Torres

    I just love my little Buddha from @mindfulnessbody

  3. Michelle Honeybrook

    Love my little Buddha’s thank you . Also love the surprise bracelet as well ..
    Everything was very seamless and easy

  4. Kristi Canzano

    Quite the conversation starter. A perfect gift for that somebody that likes unique gifts. Phenomenal customer service!

  5. Teresita Crespo-Hernandez

    Very happy with product and service

  6. Kat Jacobson

    These are the happiest, cutest set of Mindful reminders to have on display in your home or office. Good cause as well. Don’t hesitate- buy them!

  7. KP

    My 4 Noble Truths arrived today. These are a nice addition to my office/workout space to help me re-center on stressful days (or any day really). I’m impressed with the quality of these little statues as well.

  8. Milagros Perez

    They are just the right size and very well made. All symmetrical in relation to each other. I love them. They help me feel better when I look at them and remember the 4 Noble Truths. They guide me with every gaze.

  9. Michelle Stevenson

    Received my order today it is absolutely gorgeous order on 16th of October and got it in two weeks in Australia

  10. Dr Navin

    Excellent workmanship and really awesome for the home or office!Looking at them helps me to relax and be calm. The service was also so friendly and delivery was fast in 1 month.Highly recommended.

  11. Jan

    Arrived in time as expected. Beautiful product, wonderful artistry!

  12. Claire Dilworth

    Oh my word I was absolutely stunned by these beautiful little Buddhas I was expecting something wonderful by the reviews but they totally blew me away I love them

  13. Julie

    I received these today, and I am very pleased with them, and to be helping a good cause too, excellent! These will be at the front door of my beach house, and add to the calm and zen like atmosphere I am creating.

  14. Leanne Wilkinson

    I wish I would’ve bought all 4! They’re awesome.

  15. Leah Bonk

    I bought 2 of these and they arrived quick and they are adorable!!!!!! Very happy with my purchase!!!!

  16. Charlotte Bazely

    Arrived promptly. Very beautiful little Buddhas to add to my collection.

  17. Ingrid Valero

    I received the Buddha Buddies for Mother’s Day and I love them!!! They are just as expected and I also got a bonus beautiful Buddha bracelet!! Thank u

  18. Dee Porter

    I’ve wanted these for over a year, so getting them and then being perfect was amazing. They were wrapped so tightly and securely that there was no way they would’ve broken. They’re exactly as described.

  19. Susan Rosenthal

    Super cute! Very soothing, calming, uplifting & all around great vibes. Highly recommended. You’ll definitely be happy with your purchase as I am. Love love love these little tokens of happiness!

  20. Jennifer

    The quality and craftsmanship of these figures is great! Have this as a gift and really wowed the person. I would definitely consider give another product as a gift or for myself.

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Four Noble Truths

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